Questions were answered in an open dialogue

The Director of the Agency for the Development of the Presidential, Creative and Specialized Schools Hilola Umarova and Depute Director Amirulla Abdullayev answered questions during the open dialogue.

- Is tuition in presidential schools paid?
-Education, food, dormitory and other expenses of students are absolutely free.

- From what sources can we get information about the Presidential, Creativity and Specialized schools?

Agency website: and
Facebook: https: //;
Tweeter: -https: //
Telegram bot (
Call center: 1206;  + 99871-207-72-22

- Can a student who graduated from 5th grade apply for admission to 5th grade at Presidential School?
-Students cannot re-read in the class they graduated from.

- Are there any benefits for admission to the Presidential School?
-There are no privileges for admission to Presidential schools.

- Is it possible to take the exam in Russian?  In what languages   is education conducted?
- The exam can be taken only in Uzbek, English, Karakalpak.  Education is conducted in English and Uzbek.

- Can a student apply to a Presidential School in any area?
-Candidates can only apply to the Presidential School, which has the same territorial affiliation as the school where they study.

- Where should those who want to get a job as a teacher in Presidential schools apply?
- You can apply through the site