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Presidential boarding schools are innovative educational
complexes for gifted children of grades 5-11,
which are taught in two languages (Uzbek, English)

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Organization of activities

  • Presidential schools are established in each region of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • In 2019 Presidential boarding schools are opening in Tashkent, Khiva, Nukus and Namangan
  • In Presidential boarding schools there are 7 parallels, from grades 5 to 11. Each parallel consists of 2 grades of 12 pupils in each grade
  • Capable and gifted children from among the graduates of 4th grades of General educational institutions of the Republic are admitted to the Presidential boarding schools on a competitive basis


Teaching natural and exact sciences, robotics, information technologies, etc. with the use of advanced pedagogical technologies
Teaching of subjects included in the STEAM education system under the Cambridge International program in English by experienced foreign teachers
Formation of knowledge, providing an opportunity for admission and successful training in leading foreign and domestic higher educational institutions
Development of critical thinking, leadership and public speaking skills
Development of an individual curriculum based on the aptitudes and abilities of pupils
Creating conditions for deep learning of English

Curriculum: STEAM Education


Future professionals need comprehensive training and knowledge from various fields of technology, natural sciences and engineering


STEAM inspires our children - future generation of inventors, innovators and leaders to conduct research as scientists, model as technologists, design as engineers, create as artists, think analytically, as mathematicians, and play as children


Thanks to the STEAM-approach, children can delve into the logic of the events, understand their relationship, study the world systematically and thus develop curiosity, engineering style of thinking, the ability to get out of critical situations


The basis of STEAM – engineering approach to the design, which initially created a prototype product or process


In the process of research, creation or improvement of the prototype, child has to use his knowledge in several disciplines, which contributes to the formation of a holistic natural-scientific picture of the world


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